Tots: Pink ballet leotard and skirt, Create Dance T-Shirt and leggings.

Junior Stars: Purple catsuit or purple Create Dance T-Shirt and leggings/shorts. Bare feet or Jazz shoes.

Juniors: Blue catsuit or blueCreate Dance T-Shirt and leggings/shorts.
Upper juniors: Orange Create Dance T-Shirt and leggings/ shorts. Bare feet, jazz shoes or trainers.

Create Dance youth dance company: Burgundy Create Dance T-Shirt.
Adult Dance: Create Dance Black T-Shirt.

Participants can purchase a Create Dance T-Shirt. Please contact Hayley or Lauren for more information.


Term fee’s for each class starts at £4

Adult dance starts at £5 per class

Fundraising Event

Family bingo with afternoon tea on Saturday 16th February 3.00-5.00pm. Tickets £2.50 child £5.00. All money raised will go towards the The Floral Pavilion performance. Please donate gifts for the raffle in the box provided. Let me know if anyone is able to make some cakes for the afternoon tea.