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Create Dance Wirral are delighted to qualify as an Acrobatic Arts Certified Studio. We will be offering high quality Acrobatic Dance classes which promote technique and progression. Parents are reassured that the children will be learning and progressing their skills safely.

The Acrobatic Arts programme has been approved by Cirque du Soleil as a programme which will help to standardise the art form and valuable for dancers training.

“It is not necessarily acrobatic training that would be needed for most
Cirque du Soleil dance roles, but for some it is a definite requirement.
For other roles it is a mix of opposing dance styles needed, dance +
physical acting, dance + acting + acrobatics or some other physical
non-dance discipline. In the global dance market today, however,
an acrobatics background is a huge asset, and some cases actually
a minimum prerequisite.

Rick Tjia
Senior Talent Scout
Cirque Du Soleil


BTDA Exams

Following a 100% pass rate in our previous exams, we are excited to hold another exam session in 2020.  

Adult Ballet class at Hoylake Community Centre

The Adult ballet class is becoming a popular class. Growing through word of mouth, this class aims to develop the adults posture, strength and stamina through the beautiful technique of classical ballet. Use this hour to exercise to beautiful music.

Create Dance Wirral, Radio City Sports Challenge 2020

Create Dance Wirral has been selected as finalists for their cash for kids sports challenge. Let’s start fundraising!

Upcoming Performance

Don’t miss our annual show at The Floral Pavilion, 2nd and 3rd July 2020